West Virginia Assistive Technology System

Fundamentals of Assistive Technology

This training is designed to present participants with a basic understanding of assistive technology, assistive technology services, and funding and procurement methods for obtaining assistive technology. Participants are introduced to both low-tech and high-tech assistive devices. The course enables participants to become educated about assistive technology and to encourage independence and choice about all areas of life: education, competitive employment and daily living.

Training Goals:

  1. Promote and enhance the independence and quality of life of individuals with disabilities in West Virginia through knowledge about assistive technology, assistive technology services, and assistive technology funding sources.
  3. Dispel myths, fears, and negative attitudes that promote a damaging stigma for individuals with disabilities.

How to arrange for this training at your site
We will tailor this training to meet your needs. The length of the training as well as the location and date will be set up to accommodate all of those attending. Please call us at (800) 841-8436 to make arrangements or for more details.